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A disturbing new sci-fi adventure game coming in 2018.

Caught between two worlds

Sebastian emerges into a terrifying reality.


Discrepant is a psychological adventure game set in a dystopic sci-fi world that is slowly unwinding. It's dark, deadly, and unsettling, and yet you just want more. 

Complex Storyline

Roused by the rumblings of distant explosions and the sounds of a screaming man falling to his death, you awaken as Sebastian, an average man in a decidedly abnormal situation.



 It explores the meaning of existence and purpose, challenges reality and emotional connection through a complex plot, and comes with a twist around every corner.


Discrepant is a thought provoking first person game set in the genre of movies like Dark City, Donnie Darko and Thirteenth Floor.

Game Studio

Incendio Software
New Zealand


Email: admin@discrepantgame.com